Plant of bedroom put attention to this 2 points
1.Houseplants should not be too large or too many

The living habit of green plants is that they “breathe all day and night (absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide), and can only release oxygen through photosynthesis under the condition of light”.
In other words, when we turn off the lights at night and go to sleep, the plants start competing with us for oxygen.
Especially in the bedroom with environment airtight, narrow space, the broad-leaved plant with large leaf area consumes oxygen quantity to be able to not allow small look down upon, may cause an influence to morpheus quality.

So, if the bedroom area is not large, and you don’t have the habit of sleeping with your door and Windows open, don’t put too many plants on it.

2.Avoid plants with very strong aromas

Sleep with the flowers, it should be very comfortable; But not all “sweet smell” suit to bring you a melting dream.
Most of the aroma of plants comes from the volatile aromatic substances in their bodies, and many of these complex aromatic substances are emotional stimulants.
As is often used in floral and small pot eucalyptus (eucalyptus eucalyptus), although a variety of, but generally contain a certain irritating eucalyptus oil

So which plants are worth buying?

Simple and fresh foliage plants:


Epipremnum aureum

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Vanilla plant:



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Flowers plant:


China rose



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