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In Japan, a large number of “lonely deaths” occur every year.
The deceased had little contact with the outside world during their lifetime, and it took a long time for the body to be found in the morgue’s home.
And the people closest to these “lonely deaths” are the workers who clean up their belongings after their deaths.

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Lonely death refers to the death of a person in their own home, but no one around to find the first time.
In the Japanese administrative organs, the word “isolated death” is used to call “lonely death”; But when the police record the cause of death, they only write “unnatural death”.

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High-risk group: retired men who do not do housework

In retirement, older men, who are not good at cleaning, are the most likely to die alone.
These men do not know how to take care of themselves once they are separated from their wives and live alone.
As time goes by, the health environment in the family deteriorates, and people pay little attention to their diet.
Often, they also refuse to participate in community activities after retirement. When they lose the ability to interact with the outside world, they are unable to seek help from others in case of emergency, and thus develop into “lonely death”.

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Lonely death is very likely to happen to everyone
Ishihara believes that the loss of contact and dialogue between people is the main cause of death alone.
Every year, she says, she feels that modern human relationships are becoming weaker.
Lonely death in the future, is likely to happen to you and me, and even everyone.


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