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Dali country silver gilt gold beaded golden winged bird, Dali period (song dynasty) period cultural relic, Dali chongsheng temple three main tower tower top unearthed in 1978, exquisite craft and wonderful shape make this work exquisite unsurpassed, also represents the Dali country gold and silver craft superb level.

The crown of the headdress, neck slender, wings to roll inward, like flying; Two claws sharp and powerful, stand on the rosette. Between the tail and the body, there is a hollow flame shaped backlight, on which five crystal beads are decorated. The whole device is gold-plated, with exquisite workmanship and exquisite modeling

Fragments of Stone Tablets Inscribed with Chinese Classic of Later shu 18.5cm in height and 125g in weight. This goldfinned bird has gold gilt all over its body, showing its head and wings ready to fly. Its head has a beautiful crest of feathers, and its tail feathers are inlaid with crystal beads, standing on the rosette.

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Garuda, is one of the eight heavenly dragons of Buddhism. According to legend, the goldfinch was a large and fierce bird, which could frighten dragons. It was large in size and could reach 336 thousand li when its wings were extended, so it ate dragons. It is said that the goldpteryx, with its huge wings, moved the sea water to separate it, catching and eating the dragon.

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The dragon was rescued by the Buddha, who protected the dragon with his cassock, thus sparing it from being pecked by the goldfinch. After the goldfinch converted to Buddhism, became the Buddha’s guardian bird. Dali used to be the land of zhe, and the erhai lake was often flooded with water, flooding livestock and farmland.

At the top of the original three pagodas in Dali, there were four huge goldfinned birds, which were used to hold water. Therefore, this area has a long tradition of worship tower and fear peng. The bird’s head, wings, body, tail and other cone out, by detail inscribed, then welded as a whole, clear feather, decorated with crystal beads. The exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite shape make this work exquisite, which also represents the superb level of gold and silver craftsmanship in Dali

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